Axilogy Clinical Research Course

The Axilogy Clinical Research Program (ACRC) provides recent college graduates, nurses, clinicians, and other and other healthcare professionals with the training and background knowledge needed to expand to a career in clinical research. Taught by a renowned professional in clinical research and medicine, the course covers the principles of clinical research required to succeed in the new and changing clinical research field. 



Gain clinical research coordinator experience through the clear and flexible online clinical research course curriculum. Axilogy use's the leader in online programs, Blackboard, often used by universities.



Stay on track through graded exams and case studies in clinical research. View what clinical research associates (CRA) analyze on a daily basis through exams and assignments. 



Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course and qualify for a letter of reccommendation as well as support in meeting with clinical research recruiters. 

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Axilogy Clinical Research Training Program


Axilogy Clinical Research Program  (ACRP) is a 12 week intensive training program that guides future clinical researchers through the fundamental principles required to succeed and secure a career in the field of clinical research. The program benefits all health care professionals that assist and work with patients in clinical trials. Understanding how to work in clinical settings as a clinical research associate or clinical research coordinate can help enter a growing field with many career growth options.