lsat the way you want to learn it

Become efficient and master strategies with a program that can teach it your way.


daily lsat coaching

Daily coaching is like having your weekend tutor become your 24/7 mom. Our proven LSAT coaches are dedicated to teach strategy so your prep is faster, easier, and clear enough to get you where you need to go. We keep you motivated, mentally-focused, and confident along the way. 


walk through the lsat

Subject-specific tutors walk you through each section to get you to mimic what it takes to excel on the exam. You do it multiple times and the reward is seen right away in your score.


direct to law school

Our admissions team knows the tricks to get into law school and we make it happen for you. No vague "improve your gpa", we get you looking unique, like-a-leader, and better than ever. Our methods are hands on as we work with you to get you planned and started for all improvement activities for your application. 

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Because we only take on the best coaches who have a proven-track record, we like to focus on just a few students over the year. Through our application process, we prepare you to be ready for one of the most stress-free test prep programs available. Your consult will help get you ready to think freely, study at your peak, and perform 110% each day.