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Learn about a single disease or multiple through our monthly subscription platform. Understand disease at a physician-specialist level through each disease ed course. 

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Our engaging courses can be done anywhere with a laptop and wifi. Watch lectures on your drive, do questions in your pjs, and more. Stay comfortable while you learn about yourself!


its real content

Unlike other patient education programs, we are able to teach more content in a condensed format to you even if you have little to no science background! We use research techniques and case studies as well as short explainers that get the point across. We go in-depth with our professors who have taught the disease to medical students and doctors themselves.


it makes sense

We teach from the symptom to the cell, no dilutions in between! All forms of the disease, its function, and new treatments are addressed. Most of our courses come from newly published material so you can talk and understand the choices your doctor chooses to make with you.

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